Penelope grew up in a family that values food as a way to show love, create community and share culture. She took up cooking and baking at a young age and began working in restaurants as soon as she turned 16. As she attends Hope College, studying Communication and Leadership, she is drawn back to the food industry after working in restaurants for 5 years as a result of her passion for the amazing ways food can serve people in more ways than one.

Penelope will be graduating from Hope College in Holland Michigan with a degree in Communication and a minor in Leadership in May of 2026. She adores being a student and is driven to making the most out of her opportunities.

This summer, she has the opportunity at CBCI to grow a deeper understanding of the world of marketing, sales and innovation as she works as an intern. Penelope has enjoyed the learning process during her internship and has gotten to love and appreciate the team at CBCI for their hard work, commitment and welcoming culture.