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As a company, we are a group of dedicated, passionate, and talented culinary and food product development experts.

When it comes to the food business, even the best ideas can fizzle without the proper industry knowledge and culinary team on your side. At Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations, we help build signature culinary creations, identify white space opportunities, and fill in product line gaps, based on market trends and a keen understanding of consumer behavior.


We use our industry expertise and insights to define a clear path to success.

Our brand strategy services connect what your target audience values with what makes you distinctive to create a strong and memorable brand. We support sales growth through targeted market analysis and customized brand and go-to-market plans, ensuring you reach the right customers effectively. Our culinary strategy connects your consumer with food trends to develop high-quality menu items they’ll crave. We help you stand out in the market, enhance customer loyalty, and drive long-term success. Let us assist you in creating a cohesive brand experience that resonates with your audience.


From inspiration to gold standard recipes, our culinary team can help turn your ideas into a delicious reality.
Whether you need a menu refresh or are looking to launch a new consumer product, our dedicated team of research chefs is ready to support your brand with their industry insider knowledge and culinary imagination.


Technical knowledge and experience are essential in successfully scaling your concept from gold standard recipe to foodservice or food manufacturing production. This is where our food scientists bring their expertise to the process.


Expand your team’s capabilities with targeted training ranging from culinary training to processing plant best practices.
Let our culinary team teach your team how to approach their work with a flavor-first perspective or communicate better with your customer’s culinary team. Understanding why ingredients are added in a particular order or how to troubleshoot a manufacturing process empowers your team with knowledge. The more your team knows the more successful they’ll be.


Great ideas come from many places. Sometimes all it takes is a change of venue. So why not rent out our space? Work on your next great idea or host a sales meeting or special event.

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Behind Charlie Baggs

As a company, we are a group of dedicated, passionate, and talented culinary and food product development experts.

We take pride in creating gold standard culinary solutions for food and beverage operations – from CPG manufacturers to restaurant chains to retailers and beyond. If your project load exceeds your team’s capacity, you need help with R&D, or are just looking to pull some serious industry expertise into the fold, our seasoned corporate chefs and food scientists are here to help. We’ll listen to what you need, formulate a plan, and deliver on your expectations – our ideas and creations become yours!




Culinary + Technical Support

Culinary + Technical Support

The Protein Brewery planned to exhibit at Plant Based World Expo where it wanted to demonstrate the benefits of its unique Fermotein® ingredient to attendees. The company needed application development for samples, as well as culinary support at the trade show.

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Culinary Training

Culinary Training

Train complete sales staff on company’s vast product line. CBCI conducted a three-day training for the sales staff. This included pre-work each team member had to complete in order to participate in the training course.

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