Jessica Texidor serves as the vice president of events with Chicago Chefs’ Table. After earning a B.A. in Theatre from Loyola University Chicago, Jessica enjoyed a fulfilling career in theater, choreographing, producing, arts education administration, and performing arts across the country. Since her theatrical endeavors, Jessica has shifted her production management skills to a career in the catering industry, embracing her experience with service, entertainment, and hospitality. Jessica has over ten years of experience as front of house manager of various catering companies. Since developing the Chicago Chefs’ Table business, Jessica has established an extensive repertoire of committed customers who consistently rely on the exceptional service and culinary offerings of Chicago Chefs’ Table. Jessica Texidor’s diverse background in theater and over a decade of front-of-house management experience have uniquely positioned her to seamlessly transition into the catering industry, cultivating a loyal customer base at Chicago Chefs’ Table.