Bryce gained an interest for culinary arts at a young age, traveling to many countries on his family’s business trips and living in Poland and Switzerland as a child. He was always willing to try any dish, especially the local delicacies. Born in Colorado, but relocated with his family throughout his childhood, he knew one thing that stayed constant: one can find a delicious meal anywhere in the world if you know where to look.

Bryce graduated vocational school and moved to apprentice at Vail Resorts in Colorado. After receiving his AAS in Sustainable Cuisine, he took the leap to Switzerland to study for a Bachelor’s Degree in International Gastronomy, graduating with First Class Honors from the International Culinary Institute of Switzerland (validated by Oxford Brookes University). After returning to the states, he gained experience in restaurants and hotels through Colorado and Chicago, notably at the Ritz Carlton hotel and the Peninsula Chicago.

Bryce’s excitement for trying new recipes and ideas led him into the culinary edge of product development. With a desire to offer the best quality without compromise, he landed at CBCI to blend his culinary knowledge with the CBCI team’s product development expertise.