Chicago B.Y.O.B. Restaurants

Chicago’s wide-ranging neighborhoods are full of amazing restaurants and cafes, and a ton of them are BYOB. You can bring your own drinks to all sorts of restaurants in Chicago. So grab your favorite bottle and a great group of friends, and head over to one of these restaurants. These restaurants are CBCI approved.

Pizza Art Cafe

Pizza Art Cafe was a former coffeehouse, but they’ve since added a wood-fired brick oven and added pizza to the menu. The rustic, loft-like setting features local art and cozy booths. Bring your favorite drinks and pair them with a perfectly charred pizza.

Batter & Berries

Looking for BYOB brunch? Batter & Berries is the perfect stop. Enjoy their flight of French toast paired with your favorite champagne, and they’ll provide the orange juice for a little DIY mimosas.

Smoque BBQ

Bring your favorite beer or whiskey to enjoy with this smokey barbeque. The mouth-watering menu includes pulled pork, brisket, Texas sausage, chicken, and ribs – all served with slaw and two sides.

Coast Sushi

If you’ve been craving sushi, then Coast Sushi is a great option for fresh fish and creative rolls. Add your favorite booze to these dishes and enjoy a night out in Bucktown.

90 Miles Cuban Cafe

Soak in the colorful surroundings while enjoying a Cuban sandwich at 90 Miles Cuban Café. Their patio seating is the perfect place to enjoy a couple of beers with your friends.

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