CBCI Team Gears Up for NACUFS 2024

We are thrilled that Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations (CBCI) will be attending NACUFS 2024 in Louisville, Kentucky. As a culinary innovations company specializing in inspiration, strategy, research and development, and education, we are eagerly anticipating this opportunity to immerse ourselves in the latest needs and innovations in campus dining.

We had the chance to sit down with Chase Baggs, Sales Executive, to discuss what he is looking forward to at NACUFS. One of the highlights Chase is looking forward to is hearing from the Big 10 Leaders. Given our work with Big 10 schools in the past, Chase is excited to hear fresh perspectives from leaders at University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Michigan, and The Ohio State University. These leaders are guaranteed to provide valuable insights that will enhance our collaborations with collegiate dining programs and inspire innovative approaches to campus cuisine.

Chase is particularly enthusiastic about the “Bridging the Nutrient Gap: Helping Food Allergies Thrive” session because it aligns perfectly with CBCI’s commitment to developing inclusive dining experiences. CBCI loves the challenge of creating delicious, allergen-friendly options that do not compromise on taste or quality, and the team is eager to gain new insights in this crucial area.

Staying at the forefront of campus dining trends and needs is paramount to our work. The NACUFS 2024 National Conference offers a unique opportunity to gain insights, share our expertise, and contribute to the evolving landscape of collegiate foodservice. Our team is ready to soak in the knowledge, exchange ideas, and bring back fresh inspiration to fuel our work in culinary innovation for campus dining.

The NACUFS conference is also an excellent platform for networking. We are looking forward to reconnecting with familiar faces and forging new relationships within the collegiate foodservice community, along with the exhibitors that will be attending.

Will you be at NACUFS? If so, we’d love to connect! Please reach out Chase Baggs to set up a time to chat.

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